Manual Winch

  • Hand Winch Tirfor

    Hand Winch Tirfor

    Hand winch tirfor is a kind of manual operated mechanical winch , also known as tirfor winch , wire rope pulling hoist , wire rope puller . Hand winch tirfor utilise steel wire rope or cable for various lifting and pulling applications . Rated capacity 800kg , 1600kg , 3200kg...Read More
  • Hand Operated Winch

    Hand Operated Winch

    Hand operated winch also called manual winch , hand brake winch , which is a kind of manual lifting and material handling equipment . It has automatic braking system , which make operation safer .Read More
  • Hand Crank Winch

    Hand Crank Winch

    Hand crank winch, also known as manual winch , hand winch , which is a kind of traction tool suitable for many places. Hand crank winch can be used in snow, swamps, deserts, beaches, muddy mountain roads and other harsh environments, as well as for trailers, yachts and...Read More
  • Hand Winch

    Hand Winch

    Features :
    1. Allman high quality hand winch is suitable for many lifting and lowering applications such as raising boats on davits of raising and lowering sailboat keels .
    2. Allman hand winch is self-locking brake winches , which provides additional safety...
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