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Market Status Of Cranes
- Sep 03, 2018 -

In October 2011, the overall sales trend of China's construction machinery industry remained unchanged. Among them, the sales volume of excavators decreased by 29.92% year-on-year; the sales of bulldozers decreased by 21.34%.

In 2011, affected by the state's macroeconomic regulation and control, the credit tightening policy caused some construction projects to slow down and some of the projects originally planned to start work delayed. At the same time, consumers were affected by the credit tightening policy, and the reduction in purchase costs led to the demand for construction machinery. reduce. Although the current construction machinery market is facing severe challenges, China's economic growth momentum is still strong. In the future, China's construction machinery industry is still in a period of rapid development, especially in the crawler crane industry. The “Guidelines for Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance (2011)” issued by the National Development and Reform Commission clearly pointed out that crawler cranes of 400 tons and above were selected as “encouraging” products as emerging industries, and the prospects of crawler cranes are promising.

In the first three quarters of 2011, China's heavy truck industry sold a total of 712,000 units. The development of the heavy truck market is entering the down phase:

First, the industry policy is becoming more and more rigorous. The state has introduced a large number of regulations on safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, etc., and there is a more stringent trend in the implementation process. The development and implementation of these regulations will lead to an increase in technical requirements for heavy-duty truck products, and product costs will be further improved.

Second, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. China's truck market has already faced a global competitive landscape. Although the market share of local brands in China's heavy truck industry currently accounts for a large proportion, this does not mean that the future pattern will always be maintained, product technology improvement, localized manufacturing cost reduction and other factors. In the future, the competitive environment of the heavy truck industry will change.

With the continuous development of the crane industry, more and more companies have joined the crane industry. Gao Man pointed out that the risks of construction machinery include technical risks, supply and demand risks and economic fluctuation risks. The core technology of some engineering machinery products is mainly reflected in the overall design and technology integration. If the enterprise cannot research and develop new technologies, new processes and new products in time to meet the requirements of the market, the products may face the risk of being eliminated.

Due to the fierce competition in China's construction machinery industry, especially the international engineering machinery giants have entered the Chinese market. Compared with foreign competitors, Chinese enterprises still have a large gap in terms of product types, research and development strength, technology level, capital scale and brand influence. In addition, fluctuations in the world economy may also bring certain uncontrollable risks to the industry.