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Electric Hoist
- Sep 03, 2018 -

The hoist has the advantages of large conveying capacity, high lifting height, stable and reliable operation and long service life. Its main performance and parameters are in line with JB3926----85 "Vertical Bucket Elevator" (the standard is equivalent to international standards and abroad). Advanced standard), the traction ring chain conforms to MT36----80 "mineral high-strength circular chain", the hoist is suitable for conveying powdery, granular and small pieces of non-abrasive and small abrasive materials. For example, coal, cement, stone, sand, clay, ore, etc., because the traction mechanism of the hoist is a circular chain, it is allowed to transport materials with higher temperature.

Multi-function model

220V-380V multi-function electric hoist. It adopts a conical rotor motor and a common motor as the power, and combines with the structure of the transmission to drive the reel to achieve the lifting operation.

The electric hoist has the characteristics of fast braking speed, small size, light weight, compact structure, convenient use and easy maintenance. It has the main function of electric hoist and winch. The hoist specifications are 300-600KG 500-1000KG 1500KG, the rope length is 30 meters, and the double crane is 15 meters. The length of the rope can be customized according to the user's needs.

Application: used in residential buildings, hanging ash bricks, digging wells, freight yard warehouses, shopping malls, restaurants, individual workshops, small factories and mines, can be moved, hoisted, loaded and unloaded at any angle, is currently the most ideal small lifting tool in China. It is also widely used in small and medium-sized houses, high-rise building decoration, hanging floor slabs, drilling wells, warehouse factory hangings and other common machinery necessary for units or individuals.

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