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2019 Working Is Beginning , ALLMAN Keep Supplying You High Quality Lifting Equipment And The Best Service !
- Jan 02, 2019 -

ALLMAN is always dedicated to supply full series of lifting and material handling equipment . More importantly , we never stop developing new and much better lifting and related supporting products for our customers , to help customers establish and enhance more solid business marketing network all over the world .

In just passed 2018 , with ALLMAN team’s enthusiastic effort , sales performance of our company was increased by 50% at least compared with year 2017 . And our core products -electric chain hoist , wire rope hoist , manual chain hoist , cranes and crane components has contributed larger growth point .

In 2019, we will keep hard working . Meanwhile , a new factory will be built for electric winch and manual winch fabrication . We will develop a brand new and unique style electric winch for our distributors and provide the best support for marketing . Let’s looking forward to it !  

ALLMAN Products covering :

1. Cranes and crane parts :

Overhead bridge crane / under slung crane / mobile gantry crane / hand pushed gantry crane / free standing jib crane / wall mounted jib crane / mobile jib crane / end trucks for bridge crane / power c rail festoon parts / rail conductors / steel rails

2. Electric hoist :

Electric chain hoist / CD1 MD1 model electric cable hoist / European model wire rope hoist / mini hoist / electric stage hoist  

3. Manual hoist :

Hand chain hoist / Lever hoist / wire rope pulling hoist  

4. Winches: Electric winch / hand winch

5. Trolleys : chain hoist trolley /hand push trolley / chain geared trolley

6. Material handling equipment : cargo moving skates/ permanent magnetic lifter / lifting clamps / pulley blocks / hydraulic pallet trolley / jacks

7. Slings , cargo lashing , wire ropes , ladders etc.

If you are interesting in above lifting equipment and tools , welcome to contact our ALLMAN for service . 

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