Wire Rope Winch

Wire Rope Winch

Aluminum Housing Wire Rope Winch

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Product Details

Aluminum Housing Wire Rope Winch : 

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Technical Parameters :

wire rope winch

Features :

1. Small and light .

2. Equipped with two safety devices , which guarantee safe operation .

3. Wire rope is drawn out straight by distant operations regardless of wire rope length.

4. Transmission speed 3m/min , which is the most fast speed among all hand-driven hauling devices .

5. Wire rope can be used at any working degree .

6. Equipped with a safety hook , preventing wire rope from coming off while operation .

Usage :

1. Construction : dam structures- pulling of frame , laying steel or concrete pipe , concrete piling laying , seat pile pulling , combine of fume tube .

2. Railway : rail pulling , remove van or wagon , track laying , shunting and maintenance of rolling stock .

3. Ship building .

4. Transport : positioning of boiler, machines , maintenance , loading car , loading and unloading bulky and heavy packages .


Manual Instruction : 

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