Manual Hoist

  • Manual Chain Block

    Manual Chain Block

    Manual chain block is an easy operation and portable lifting tool, which can be used in new factory buildings, port and outdoor without power supply. Allman company can supply you manual chain block capacity 500kg , 1ton , 2ton , 3ton , 5ton , 10ton , 15ton , 20ton , standard...Read More
  • Manual Chain Hoist

    Manual Chain Hoist

    Description :
    Manual chain hoist , also called chain block , chain pulley hoist , hand chain hoist , which is a simple , easy operation and portable hand lifting equipment . It is a very good choice for short distance lifting and material handling of small equipment...
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  • Hand Chain Hoist

    Hand Chain Hoist

    Hand chain hoist , also commonly called chain block , which is used very widely in different industries , including factory , warehouse , mining , building construction , port , shipyard, transportation etc . It is used for equipment installation , cargoes lifting and...Read More
  • Chain Pulley Block

    Chain Pulley Block

    Description :
    Yale Model Chain Pulley Block Specification : Chain pulley block operation instructions : 1. Overload and oblique pull is strictly prohibited . 2. Chain pulley block can be only operated by personal power . Any other power is prohibited 3. Before use the...
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  • Chain Block Hoist

    Chain Block Hoist

    Chain block hoist is manual operated chain hoist , usually called chain block or hand chain hoist . It is a easy operation , small and portable hand lifting equipment . Chain block hoist is suitable for factory , mining , building construction , agriculture , portRead More
  • Lever Chain Hoist

    Lever Chain Hoist

    ​General introduction :
    Lever chain hoist is an easy use, portable manual lifting tools. Lever hoist can be used for lifting , pulling , lowering , and calibrating . It is widely used in power , transportation , logistics , shipbuilding , construction , mining etc....
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  • Ratchet Lever Hoist

    Ratchet Lever Hoist

    Ratchet Lever Hoist and Hand Chain Block difference :
    Both lever hoist and chain block are small and very easy operation lifting tools , can used to lift load . Which one is better ? It depends on the site situation , to choose the most suitable type manual hoist .
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  • Lever Block

    Lever Block

    Application :
    Lever block , also called lever hoist . Similar as hand chain block , it’s also a very small lifting tools , lift or tension weight by wrenching the handle . With many superior advantages , lever block is very widely used in construction , mining ,...
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  • Wire Rope Puller

    Wire Rope Puller

    ​Wire Rope Puller General Introduction
    Wire rope puller ( also called wire rope pulling hoist , tirfor winch , wire rope winch) is a new design , high efficiency , safe and durable lifting equipment. Its housing is made of high strength and good quality forged Aluminum...
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  • Manual Wire Rope Hoist

    Manual Wire Rope Hoist

    Description :
    Manual Wire Rope Hoist is also called wire rope winch , wire rope pulling hoist , tirfor winch , wire rope puller , which is a kind of hand operated rope lever hoist , safe and durable . It is use to lift , pull and tension load at any direction.
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  • Wire Rope Winch

    Wire Rope Winch

    Aluminum Housing Wire Rope WinchRead More
  • Tirfor Winch

    Tirfor Winch

    Tirfor Winch description :
    Rated lifting capacity : 3200kgs.
    Rated pulling capacity : 6000kgs .
    Test load : 6000kgs.
    Steel wire rope : IWRC16
    Wire rope safety factor of load capacity : 5×WLL
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