Lifting Magnets

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The skill of lifting magnets uses electromagnet to be in the position in industry very important, it is a kind of fundamental electric equipment, so-called "the king of electric equipment". With the continuous development of magnet and iron removal equipment market and the aggravation of competition, users not only have a higher demand for the quality of electromagnet and iron removal equipment, but also have a higher demand for the production power.
Working principle:
When the core is inserted into the solenoid, the core is magnetized by the magnetic field of the solenoid. The magnetized core also becomes a magnet, so that the magnetic field of the solenoid is greatly enhanced due to the superposition of the two magnetic fields. To make an electromagnet more magnetic, the iron core is usually shaped like a shoe. Note, however, that the coils on the hoof core are wound in the opposite direction, clockwise on one side and counterclockwise on the other.
Lifting magnets are widely used for aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, mining, coal, mining, shipbuilding, power electronics, power tools, transportation, lifting transport, household appliances, motor, door lock, textile, game consoles, medical devices, fitness device, office equipment, vending machine, intelligent toys, building materials, chemical, plastic, glass, ceramics, cement, paper, food, feed, water treatment, etc.
  • Industrial Lifting Magnets

    Industrial Lifting Magnets

    Industrial Lifting Magnets are made with new technology with the advantages of small size, light weight and low price. It will never be demagnetization without power, thus to avoid the danger of power failure and connection wire trouble.Read More
  • Magnetic Plate Lifter

    Magnetic Plate Lifter

    Magnet Plate Lifter Specification Information :
    Rated capacity : 100kg , 300kg , 600kg , 1000kg , 2000kg , 3000kg , 5000kg . 6000kgs .
    Safety factor : 3.0:1 or 3.5:1
    Operation temperature : less than 80 ℃ .
    Color : Orange .
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  • Permanent Lifting Magnet

    Permanent Lifting Magnet

    The permanent lifting magnet is made of high performance nd-fe-b permanent magnetic material to form a strong magnetic system.Through rotating the handle to change the magnetic force of the strong magnetic system , then to hold and release the workpiece.Read More
  • Permanent Magnetic Lifter

    Permanent Magnetic Lifter

    ​Permanent magnet lifter ( also called lifting magnets , magnet lifter , magnet plate lifter ) . It is made of high performance magnet materials Nd-fe-B, which make the permanent magnet lifter small size
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  • Steel Plate Lifting Magnets

    Steel Plate Lifting Magnets

    Brief Introduction :
    Steel plate lifting magnets , also called permanent magnet lifter , magnet plate lifter , which is a manual operated lifting magnet . It is made of modern high performance permanent magnet rare earth materials Nd-fe-B
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