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Why the electric chain hoist motor not working ? --- Common faults and solution for electric chain hoist motors
- Dec 10, 2018 -

When electric chain hoist is in use , it can not avoid many failures, and the motor burnout is mainly caused by lack of phase or high temperature.

Long-term continuous operation of the electric chain hoist, causing the motor to operate at a high frequency , and may not have good lubrication, which may cause the temperature to be too high, so the motor will burn out. If the contactor and the fuse are faulty and the wire is connected with the wrong one, the hoist motor may be out of phase.

Bellow are common fault and solution of electric chain hoist motor for reference :

1. The phase of electric power supply wire is wrongly connected , which causes the phase protection to start, so it cannot be operated.

Solution: Reverse the power wires of the two fault phases.

2. The fuse of the power supply is blown or the fuseless switch is turned off.

Solution :Check the current requirements, replace the appropriate fuse or restart the fuseless switch.

3、The fuse of the control circuit is burnt.

Solution : Check and replace the correct fuse .

4、The wires of the power cord or control circuit are broken or not connected.

Solution : Repair or replace broken and poorly contacted wires .

5、Power voltage is too low .

Solution :Measure whether the voltage value is less than 10% of the standard supply voltage.

6、The motor makes a sound, but it does not rotate.

Solution : Check whether the motor phase is correct or not, maintain and do the insulation work.

7、The emergency switch is pressed down , confirm the reason .

8、Poor contactor

Solution : Manual operate the hoist, if the electric chain hoist is operating normally, it means that the control coil or the wire has poor contact, then find the poor connected position and repair . If the electric chain hoist still doesn’t work by manual operation , check whether the main power supply is normal. If there is no problem with the main power supply, the contactor is defective and cannot be output normally. The contactor needs to be replaced.

9、Contactor coil short circuit solution: Replace the contactor.

In order to prevent the above failure of the electric chain hoist motor, we must strictly follow the product operation instructions to ensure the safety of hoist motor.