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What are the commonly used safety limiters for electric chain hoist?
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Electric chain hoist , working as small and convenient lifting equipment in various industries where heavy weight need to be lifted or moved . Safety is always the first factor we should consider when choosing electric lifting hoist . Hoist limiters provide the safety warranty for electric hoist when lifting load . The most commonly used limiters for chain hoist are following: 

1. Lift limit position limiter. In the past, the lifting limiter was used as the heavy-duty type, and the heavy-duty stopper can only be used to stop the power when it is lifted to the highest limit position, and cannot control the lower limit position. At present, most of the lift limiters are bidirectionally limited, the hoist can be protected at the highest and lowest position .

2. The running limit position limiter is also called the travel switch. The travel switch is installed on the lifting trolley and the track of chain hoist. A safety ruler is arranged at the appropriate position of the lifting trolley track and the chain hoist running track end. When the switch hits the safety ruler, it immediately stops and stops to the limit position.

3. Overload limiter. In order to prevent accidents caused by overloading and lifting heavy objects, different types of lifting weight limiters should generally be provided on the chain hoist. The overload limiters currently used can be roughly classified into mechanical elastic bar type, lever type and friction plate type according to structure and principle; force sensing type; current detecting type and load measuring type. Force-sensing overload limiters are currently recommended and widely used. 


ALLMAN always supply customer the high quality and safe electric crane hoist , all the chain hoist and wire rope hoist are standardly equipped with upper and lower height limiter . For electric chain hoist , travel switch and overload limiter is available as request . And for electric wire rope hoist , height limiter and overload limiter are standard equiped . Trolley travel limit switch is optional .