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Single Girder Overhead Crane Steel Structure Features
- Dec 03, 2018 -

The electric single girder crane mainly consist of three major operating mechanisms: the hoisting operation mechanism, the end carriage operating mechanism, and the trolley running mechanism. The hoisting operation mechanism is mainly composed of an electric hoist (steel wire rope or chain sling type ) , a pulley, a hook or a spreader. The metal structure of the electric single girder bridge crane is mainly composed of the main beam and the end truck . The main beam structure is mostly the combined section of the I-beam and the steel plate. It consists of the cover plate, the web and the I-beam, and the length and length of the box are also long and horizontal. Reinforce the ribs. Its safety and reliability directly affect the operation quality and working capacity of the crane.

Steel structure fabricating characteristics :

1) The main steel structure (main beam, end truck) are all Q235-B, the materials used have material reports and corresponding certificates of conformity.

2) The fabricating, welding and inspection of steel structures are carried out in accordance with national standards. The important force butt welds adopt double-sided groove welding technology, and visual inspection and non-destructive testing are carried out according to regulations. All welders hold corresponding grade certificates.

3) All the main girder of the crane adopts the whole board without docking process, eliminating the butt weld of the main beam steel plate and eliminating the hidden danger of the butt welding of the steel plate.

4) All the plates are automatically cut by the CNC cutting machine, and the main beam crown is preset to avoid the problem of the traditional fire-baked main beam arching.
The surface of the steel is shot blasted, and the surface roughness is hit to the Sa2.5 level in GB8923 <Registration and Descaling Degree of Steel Surface Treatment before Painting> to improve the adhesion of the paint, not to remove the paint, and to ensure the single beam crane. Long-term beauty.

5) The longitudinal girth weld of the main beam is ambushed by domestic advanced automatic special plane, which is beautiful in appearance and ensures the welding quality.

6) The crossbar of the end truck is made of rectangular tube. It has no splicing and no weld seams. It has beautiful appearance and is durable.
7)All wheel installations are boring, so that the wheel treads are not at the same level and the wheel running accuracy is improved.