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Machine Moving Skates Operational Precautions
- Jan 17, 2019 -

Allman brand top quality machine load moving skates are user friendly with compacted design , heavy loading capacity , lower and easy maintenance . Applications range from machinery moving to the use in production lines or container handling.


Bellow are some operation precautions customers should pay attention to and follow strictly :

1. When using the machine moving roller skates, it is necessary to remove obstacles such as sand and iron filings on the road surface.

2.Because of the uneven road surface and some unpredictable reasons, not all the wheels of each machine moving skates may be involved in the work at work, so it is recommended to put enough extra force when using the load skates .

3. The machine load moving skates must run in low speed .

4 .Three or more units load moving skates should be used in combination when carrying heavy objects or equipment.

5.The center of gravity of the heavy object that is too high and too narrow is unstable. When using the machine moving skates , pay attention to the consequences of possible overturning. Reliable measures should be taken for preventive protection.

6.Check the wheels of moving skates regularly. When the roller skates wheels were not flexible or the bearing clearance was large, replace the parts before use again .