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How to Use Permanent Magnetic Lifter ?
- Dec 06, 2018 -

1. When the permanent magnet lifter sucker is lifted, the workpiece surface should be cleaned first, if there is rusty skin and burrs, then plane of permanent magnet lifter should be placed on the workpiece plane and keep the centers in vertical line . Rotate the magnet lifter handle from "-" position to "+" direction till the limit pin, and check the security guard block of handle to see whether it’s automatically locked or not , then lift steel plates .

2. It’s strictly forbidden to use the permanent magnet lifter to lift workpieces overload . When the magnetic lifting device is working , no one is allowed to stand or walk bellow the load weight . The temperature of workpiece and environment should be less than 80℃.

3. When use magnetic lifter for lifting cylindrical workpiece, the v-groove should be kept in contact with workpiece in two straight lines, so its lifting gravity is only 30% to 50% of rated lifting gravity.

4. After finish the lifting , press the handle button inward to disengage the security guard and the security pin on the handle. Rotated handle from "+" to "-" direction till the limit pin. The magnetic lifter sucker is closed to disengage the workpiece from the sucker.

5. The magnetic flux of the permanent magnet lifter depends on the shape of article, and the weight and thickness of lifting object are also closely related. For example, the permanent magnet lifter of 500KG can only absorb 250KG round steel. If the round steel of 500KG is adsorbed because of the permanent magnet sucker and lifting. The contact area of item is not enough, it is easy to cause a lifting accident. Do not use the lifting magnets to lift thin steel plate .