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How to repair wire rope electric hoist ?
- Jan 14, 2019 -

As a lifting device, the wire rope electric hoist has a high working intensity, so the maintenance and overhaul of the equipment is very important. What are the techniques for repairing electric  wire rope hoist ?

1. Check the wear of the brake pad gasket of the wire rope electric hoist should not exceed 2mm, and the contact area between the gasket and the brake wheel should not be less than 70%.

2. Check the condition of the pin mounting and the wear and lubrication conditions. The wear of each pin should not exceed 5% of the original diameter. The wear of the small shaft and mandrel should not exceed 5% of the original diameter and the ovality is less than 0.5. Mm .

3. Check the wire rope for broken stock or severe wear and the lubrication of the wire rope.

4. Check for loose or missing bolts.

5. Check the wire rope electric hoist hook for cracks, whether the wear of the dangerous section exceeds 5% of the original thickness, and whether the hook is flexible.

6. Check the brake surface for dirt and reliable braking.

7. Check whether the lubrication parts are well lubricated and whether there is oil leakage.