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How to distinguish the quality of bridge cranes?
- Dec 03, 2018 -

A good bridge crane must meet at least the following:

1. The load-bearing strength of the metal structure should be as large as possible. There are mandatory regulations of crane in every country, the bearing capacity of the crane manufactured by the manufacturer is basically no problem. However, we should try to be as high as possible than the standard to avoid the phenomenon of excessive deflection caused by the use after the number of years. The main beam of the bridge crane should be scrapped once it has been bowed.

2. variable inverter frequency drive, that is, variable speed operation. For lifting equipment that is used more frequently, variable frequency drives must be used. At the end of the use of the crane, basically all faults are caused by the impact of the operation. For example, the motor burned, the reducer is damaged, the main beam car tread wear, electrical faults, etc. are all caused by the start and stop inertia impact. In reality, many users think that the variable speed crane is not necessary. Today, I would like to tell you that if it is not used for lifting the hydropower station or for other equipment, that is, when it is used once a few months, it is not necessary to say that the shifting is wrong. With the increasing maturity of variable speed crane inverter technology, the inverter can basically drive all the motors including ZDY motor and YZR motor, which are efficient and stable. It can be seen that the selection of variable speed cranes not only costs more, but also reduces the use of lifting equipment. For example, professional variable speed cranes can be repaired for 3 to 5 years. Everyone knows that this is impossible for traditional cranes.

3. To choose reliable protection devices, the protection of bridge cranes is particularly important for lifting machinery, which is very important in cranes , for example, the overload limiter, if the weight limit device fails, once the operation is wrong, it will have the catastrophic consequences of the whole crane.