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Hand chain pulley geared trolley & push trolley working principle and application
- Dec 18, 2018 -

The geared trolley is driven by pulling the hand chain and travels on the lower flange of I-beam track. Chain hoist can be mounted on the link ring to form a walking type chain hoist which can be installed on a straight or curved monorail crane, or a single girder overhead crane or manual jib crane. It is widely used in equipment installation and cargo lifting in factories, docks, warehouses etc. Especially in the field of equipment maintenance without power supply, it has outstanding advantages.

Monorail push trolleys are used to install machinery and equipment , and lift cargo. The monorail trolley is safe to use and easy to maintain. It is compact structure designed and has a small installation size. The monorail beam trolley wheel spacing is easy to adjust and suitable for a variety of I-beams. The left and right plates of the monorail trolley are hinged. Under the action of gravity, the height can be adjusted by itself, so that the four wheels are evenly stressed. The monorail trolley has high transmission efficiency and small hand pull force.