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Future Development of Electric Hoist
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Material handling has become an important part of human production activities in present society . With the expansion of production scale and the improvement of automation, electric hoist, acting as an important equipment for material handling, has been applied more and more widely in the modern production process, with more and more functions and higher requirements on electric hoist. Electric hoist are undergoing tremendous changes .

 Large and Customization

Due to the continuous expansion of industrial production scale, increasing production efficiency, and the gradually increasing proportion of material loading, unloading, and handling expenses in the production process, the demand for large or high-speed electric hoist keeps increasing. More weight lifting, higher working speed, and higher requirements for energy consumption and reliability. Electric hoist has become an important part in automatic production process. Electric hoist is not only easy to operate and maintain, but also safe and reliable.The world's largest floating electric hoist lifting weight of 6500 t, the largest crawler electric hoist lifting weight of 3000 t, the largest bridge type electric hoist lifting weight is 1200 t, the shore container crane trolley's maximum speed 350 m/min, storage electric hoist, maximum speed is 240 m/min, waste electric hoist lifting speed of 100 m/min.

The diversity of industrial production mode and user demand makes the market of special electric hoist expand continuously, and the variety is updated continuously, so as to meet the special needs with unique functions and give play to the best utility. For example, the special electric hoist for metallurgy, nuclear power, paper making and waste disposal, the electric hoist for explosion-proof, anti-corrosion and insulation, and the electric hoist for railway, ship and container has been continuously enhanced in function, performance and more adaptability than before. 

Modularization and Combination

The modular design is used to replace the traditional design method of the whole machine, and the components, components and parts on the electric hoist with basically the same functions are made into a variety of USES, with the same connecting elements and interchangeable standard modules. Through the combination of different modules, different types and specifications of electric hoist are formed. To improve the electric hoist, only a few modules are needed. To design the new electric hoist, we only need to choose different modules for recombination. The electric hoist can be changed into a module with considerable batch production to achieve high efficiency specialized production, and the production organization of the enterprise can be changed from product management to module management. To improve the performance of the whole machine, reduce the manufacturing cost, improve the degree of generalization, use less parts to form a series of products of multiple varieties and specifications, fully meet the needs of users.
At present, famous electric hoist companies in Germany, Britain, France, the United States and Japan have adopted the modular design of electric hoist and achieved remarkable benefits.

There is a considerable amount of electric hoist used in general occasions, the work is not very heavy. This kind of electric hoist has large batch and wide use. Taking comprehensive benefits into consideration, it is required to reduce the contour height as far as possible, simplify the structure, reduce the dead weight and wheel pressure. It can also reduce the height of the whole building, lighten the construction structure and reduce the cost. Therefore, electric hoist bridge type electric hoist and beam type electric hoist will have faster development, and most of them will replace medium and small tonnage general purpose bridge type electric hoist.