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European style electric hoist and crane advantages
- Nov 14, 2018 -

1. Small height, can reduce the height requirement of plant. Due to the mechanical structure through the layout of different types and transmission mechanism using high-speed motor and hard tooth surface reduction system, small size can be achieved so called low clearance.

2. Light self-weight can reduce the plant load .

3. Small limit, can increase crane working space.

4. The gear reducer adopts hard tooth surface reducer, which effectively improves the service life of the whole machine.

5. The gear reducer adopts three - in - one gear motor with hard tooth surface, Compact structure and smooth operation.

6. Adopt forged wheel group, machining boring assembly with high precision and long service life.

7. Using steel plate rolling drum,improve the strength and make longer service life .

8. Using machining equipment for overall processing, decrease the structural deformation, increase high assembly precision.

9. The connection of main beam and end truck adopts high-strength bolt assembly, which has high assembly precision and convenient transportation.

10. The gear reducer, reel, coupling and other parts are free of maintenance during the overhaul period .

11. Electrical control is relatively stable, using frequency inverter to control which make it anti-sway .