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Electric Hoist Precautions
- Sep 03, 2018 -


Electric hoists are easy to use, but there are some notable aspects when using them:

1. Do not ramp or slant heavy objects during lifting to avoid danger.

2. When lifting the hoist, be sure to keep at least 3 turns of wire rope on the rope to prevent the wire rope from being too strong to fall off the rope.

3. Regularly check that the hoist is installed securely.

4. Please do not overload or use the hoist when you are unclear about the weight of the hoisted object.

5. Operators should not operate the hoist while drinking, taking medication and getting sick.

6. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the hoisting weight when lifting the hoist.

7. When handling the wire rope, please wear thick gloves. Please do not let the wire rope slip through your hands to avoid slipping or puncture.

8. This hoist shall not carry people in any way or as an elevator lifting tool.

9. Please do not modify or weld the parts of the hoist at will.

10. The installation position of the miniature electric hoist hoist must be selected in accordance with the needs and easy to operate.

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