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Electric Chain Hoist Control Method
- Jan 07, 2019 -

Electric chain hoist can lift up and down, travel left and right, running back and forth, and move in six directions. Up and down operation is the process in which the object is lifted and landed;  left and right operation means that the electric hoist moves along the I-beam under the action of  electric trolley;back and forth running is on the single beam driving.

Electric chain hoist control method is divided into wireless remote control and wire pendant control, separate synchronous free control and synchronous control.

Wireless control is the wireless remote control operation device, which is a remote control receiver plus a wireless remote control operation button. It can realize long-distance wireless operation, eliminating the trouble of wired handles.

There are three kinds of wired control hand switch buttons: six-point type plus emergency switch (the buttons are up and down, left and right running, moving back and forth), four-point type plus emergency switch (four-point buttons are respectively up and down, running left and right), two Point plus emergency switch (two-point button has two kinds of rise and fall). Wire length of the wired operation can be lengthened or shortened according to the lifting height of chain hoist.

The separate synchronous dual control is controlled by the wireless remote control operation, which can realize the control of a single unit, and can also realize the synchronous operation, which is convenient and practical, and applicable to a wide range of applications.

Synchronous control is a kind of group crane, which can realize one remote control device to control two or more electric chain hoists at the same time. The group crane operation can realize the wireless remote control operation at the same time as the lifting and lowering, and can also realize a single ascending and descending, all operated by one remote control operator.