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Cranes development trend ---New Type and Practical
- Nov 02, 2018 -

With the continuous development of science and technology, the crane is constantly developing and improving. Today we will talk about the cranes development trend- new type and more practical .

 In the aspect of structure, cranes adopt thin wall profile and special-shaped steel to reduce the splicing weld of the structure and improve the fatigue performance. New materials of high strength and low alloy steels are adopted to improve bearing capacity, stress conditions,self weight reduction and make appearance more beautiful . The structure of bridge crane mostly adopts the box four beam structure, and the main girder and the end trucks adopt high-strength bolt connection, which is more convenient for transportation and installation.

The crane further develops new driving parts to simplify the mechanism. "Three in one" operation mechanism is to combine the motor, reducer and brake into one, with the advantages of compact structure, compact appearance, convenient disassembly and assembly, simple adjustment, stable operation and wide use range. In order to simplify the structure of small and medium-sized hoist trolley as much as possible, and reduce the size height and wheel pressure of cranes, electric hoist has been widely used in foreign countries as lifting mechanism. In order to reduce the dead weight, improve the bearing capacity, improve the processing and manufacturing conditions, and increase the product yield, parts should be welded instead of cast as much as possible, such as reducer shell, coil, pulley and other welding structures. The gear of reducer adopts hard tooth surface to reduce dead weight, reduce volume, increase bearing capacity and increase service life.

The crane develops the speed control system and the electric control system with good performance, low cost and high reliability, and develops the semi-automatic and automatic control. Adopt mechatronics liquid integration technology, improve the performance and reliability, and increase the crane function. The control technology of fuzzy logic circuit is developed. Neural information and fuzzy technology are used to find the best time to start acceleration. The fuzzy control method can determine the control instruction to implement the automatic work, and the subjective fuzzy quantity is quantified through the fuzzy set.