Wire Rope Hoist

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Wire rope hoist is a kind of shear fork type hydraulic lifting platform, used in the second, three industrial workshop, restaurant, wine shop floor of cargo delivery, due to the lowest level 150-300 - mm, the most suitable for cannot industrial occasions of the excavation pit, without the upper lifting point, has many new column (single, double, four pillars), movements smooth, simple operation and reliable, hydraulic, electrical multiple protection, let interfloor goods transport economy.
1. European model wire rope hoist compact design , adopts three -in -one motor drives for both hoist lifting and trolley traveling . Drive motors can be Chinese superior quality domestic made or Europe imported ABM brand motors .
2. Braking system adopts electromagnet brake , it’s free of maintenance .
3. Galvanized wire rope adopts Europe directly imported , strength reach 2160Mpa .
4. Schneider contactors , Schneider inverter , Schneider hand switch . Weidmuller intermediate reply . All are directly imported from Europe .
5. With 4 levels can height limiter and overload limiter .
  • Overhead Crane Hoist

    Overhead Crane Hoist

    Basic information of European model overhead crane hoist :
    1. Single girder crane hoist capacity from 2ton to 20ton , double girder crane hoist capacity from 2ton to 100ton .
    2. Lifting double speed , traveling speed adjustable operating by frequency inveter...
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  • 10t Electric Wire Rope Hoist

    10t Electric Wire Rope Hoist

    10t electric wire rope hoist , single girder or double girder crane hoist . It is the absolutely new design , manufacturing according to international standards CE , FEM , DIN and ISO etc . 2m/ M5 working duty .Capacity range of wire rope hoist from 2ton to 100ton , special...Read More
  • 20 Ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist

    20 Ton Electric Wire Rope Hoist

    20 ton electric wire rope hoist , commonly installed on double girder overhead crane or double girder mobile gantry crane , lifting with dual speed , traveling with variable speed controlled by inverter , which make the wire rope hoist running stably .Read More
  • Monorail Wire Rope Hoist

    Monorail Wire Rope Hoist

    Monorail wire rope hoist for single girder overhead crane and monorail crane, capacity from 2 ton up to 12.5 Ton from Allman Industry Company . FEM 2m, 3m working class are available in the production according to actual site situation . Power voltage 220V , 380V , 440V ,...Read More
  • Single Girder Wire Rope Hoist

    Single Girder Wire Rope Hoist

    Designed and manufactured according to ISO and CE international standard, this Single Girder Wire Rope Hoist adopts modular structure, greatly simplifies maintenance work, reduce downtime. Its advanced feature is compact structure and low headroom , strong and beauty shape.Read More
  • 5 ton wire rope hoist

    5 ton wire rope hoist

    5 ton wire rope hoist is very commonly used for single girder overhead crane , monorail crane and gantry crane in lifting industry , M5 working duty ,power voltage 220V , 380V , 415V , 440V , 460V , 550V available , lifting height from 6m to 30m or customized .Read More
  • Overhead Electric Hoist

    Overhead Electric Hoist

    Overhead electric hoist is ALLMAN’S start product relating to crane and hoist lifting equipment . Capacity from 2ton to 100ton , single girder and double girder electric wire rope hoist . ALLMAN Wire rope hoist is equipped with everything you need to work quickly and safely ,...Read More
  • 10ton Electric Hoist

    10ton Electric Hoist

    10ton electric hoist with Europe advanced design technology , hoist with modular compacted structure . Lifting motor adopts pole changed wires , to make dual speed lifting . Traveling with frequency inverter , make the trolley traveling more stably . Due to its compact and...Read More
  • Electric Wire Rope Hoist

    Electric Wire Rope Hoist

    Basic Version of Single Girder Wire Rope Hoist Load capacity up to 20tonRead More
  • Electric Cable Hoist

    Electric Cable Hoist

    Electric hoist include electric cable hoist and electric chain hoist . CD1/ MD1 cable hoist is one classic type among various kinds of wire rope hoist. CD1/ MD1 model cable hoist have characteristics of compact structure design , light self weight , small size , easy...Read More
  • Electric Crane Hoist

    Electric Crane Hoist

    Electric crane hoist , usually called steel wire rope hoist , which have several different models according to its special structure . Generally speaking , there are 4 styles : European model single girder low headroom crane hoist , Double girder crane...
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