1 Ton Electric Hoist With Trolley

1 Ton Electric Hoist With Trolley

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The 1 Ton Electric Hoist With Trolley with legendary performance features quieter operation, environmentally friendly design, easier installation and replacement of parts, higher working level, lower maintenance cost, and greatly enhanced security.

The1 Ton Electric Hoist With Trolley is quite suitable for the materials of high-rise buildings, especially for the wooden boards, woodwork boards, gypsum boards and other long and wide materials that are inconvenient to carry in the corridor.



1 ton electric hoist with trolley



Lifting height


Lifting speed

6.6m/min --- single speed

6.9/2.3m/min --- dual speed

Traveling speed

21 or 11m/min --- single speed

20/5 m/min--- dual speed

Lifting motor power

1.5kw --- single speed

1.8/0.6kw - -- dual speed

Traveling motor power

0.4kw --- single speed

0.8/0.27kw --- dual speed

Suitable I beam flange width

58 ~153mm

Insolation grade


Protection grade


No. of chain


Chain specification



Plywood case


-The wire rope tension is large, beautiful, fast, pressing a set of wire rope can be completed in a few minutes, greatly reducing the labor intensity, improve the work efficiency.

-This 1 ton electric hoist with trolley adopts the electromechanical design, can press the wire rope of different specification by changing different mould, which is easy and safe to control.

-There are high strength safety hooks which will not break but gradually deform under the impact of accidental overload.

-There are limit switch devices on and off to make the motor stop automatically.

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