Hydraulic Shop Crane

Hydraulic Shop Crane

Specification introduction :
Capacity : 1ton , 2ton , 3ton.
Lifting height : 110-2000mm , 280-2100mm , 85-2000mm, 0-2000mm

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Product Details

Product Application :

1. Hydraulic shop crane is a flexible lifting and material handling equipment . Capacity is available for 500kg , 1ton , 2ton and 3ton . Its outriggers and boom is adjustable and extended . Hydraulic shop crane boom is equipped with chain and angle which can rotate in 4 directions . When it is loading , the wheel foot can be extended to enhance stability;

2. This kind of crane is a very good assistance when heavy equipment need lift or move . It is widely used in steel plants , power plant , railway truck , petroleum , chemical industry , mechanical industry , equipment installation , machinery repair etc .

Specification introduction of :

Capacity1ton , 2ton , 3ton
Lifting height110-2000mm , 280-2100mm , 85-2000mm, 0-2000mm
Package information1# 146×71×250px、2# 136×33×450px;1# 133×86×275px、2# 147×70×500px、3# 70×18×375px

Product Features :

1. Our crane have many superior features ;

2. It use hydraulic engine for lifting , which make working more easier ;

3. Hydraulic shop crane bottom is equipped with 2 swivel wheels and 4 forged iron rigid wheels , which make it more durable and easy to move when working ;

4. Hydraulic shop crane outriggers can be disassembled , it's foldable and portable . 

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