10 Ton Overhead Crane

10 Ton Overhead Crane

Overhead crane is widely used for lifting goods on many different occasions , like in factory workshop , warehouse , railway, port , mining , logistic etc . to lift and move extremely heavy loads .

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Product Details

Basic Information:

Product name : overhead crane ( single girder or double girder)

Capacity : 1T, 2T , 3T , 5T ,6T, 10T , 15T, 20T , 30T , 50T , all available .  

Lifting height : 6m ~9m , customized.

Girder span : customized.

Traveling length : customized according to project requirement .

Power : 380V , 440V , 460V , 480V , 3phase

Control voltage: 48V .

Brief Introduction :

Overhead crane is widely used for lifting goods on many different occasions , like in factory workshop , warehouse , railway, port , mining , logistic etc . to lift and move extremely heavy loads . Overhead crane (also called Crane , bridge crane or overhead traveling crane) is a heavy duty machine that can lift, lower and move a load in vertical and horizontal directions . Allman high performance overhead cranes can lift the loading weight till the higher position with high lifting height capacities . Overhead Crane travels on the runway rail that fixed on the runway beam , and operated by operator , either by manual operation or electric pendant cable and hand switch or by wireless remote control . Overhead crane typical usage include more directional movement of materials to support manufacturing, storage, loading or unloading goods inside a facility, or at railway or shipping port.  


Overhead crane structure :

Girder : European model single box girder or double box girder .

Lifting mechanism : High performance European model wire rope hoist , working duty reach M4 or even higher M5 .

Traveling mechanism : European model end trucks , world famous brand motor NORD , SEW , or Chinese Domestic brand with superior quality .

C-rail Festoon system for power supply : two lines of top quality C -rails and rail trolleys , flat cables and other necessary spare parts .

Rail Conductor system for power supply to end trucks : Seamless safety slide conductor rail , or Enclosed rail .

Electrical Control Box : Installed with Schneider brand Inverter and contactors and relays .

Columns : to use high strength H beam or Square columns .

Runway beam : H beam

Runway rail : to use P model rail or square rail .


Bellow is a complete set of overhead crane for view .You can get general image of the European model overhead crane .

Single girder overhead crane :

10 ton overhead crane factory

Double Girder Overhead crane :

china 10 ton overhead crane


Over head crane functions :

Allman Overhead Crane is used in a variety of areas to support processing and handling in bellow facility:

Production : Moving products through production processes .

Transportation: Loading finished products .

Storage: Transport heavy items from the workshop area to storage areas .

In warehouse : using overhead crane to move large and heavy objects from one site to another .


Allman overhead crane advantages :

To use our overhead crane , it will bring you many advantages :

Customized – Allman provide you the lasted modern design and customize the overhead crane closely according to customer’s actual requirement , capacity , lifting height , span length , traveling length , column height etc .

Economics and high efficiency – By using our overhead crane , it greatly strains off operators, reducing cost of building construction , and lowering the risk of injury . Meanwhile , our new designed over head crane with low headroom wire rope hoist can fully take use of the lifting space , in this way , it can reduce the steel structure height , and reduce the cost at the same time .

Precise position– Allman Overhead crane runs quite stable during lifting and traveling , and reach the exact location , instead of navigating back and forth through aisles.

Lower maintenance costs –to use top quality motors and attach with free maintenance wire rope hoist , as well as high strength steels , Allman overhead crane is easy and lower cost maintenance .

Reduce labor expenses – An overhead crane can replace multiple forklifts and cover a large working area .

Reduction in product damage – Allman overhead crane allow smooth and direct path transportation , with soft start , variable speed optional , by stable working , it helps reduce the risk of self-damage and damage to other objects .

Safety – Allman overhead crane itself is a safe lifting equipment , For workers ,because they operate overhead and work in a specific area, overhead cranes don’t like forklift or other material handling equipment , which might knock other objects or person during working .

If you are planning to build a new plant or in need of crane , welcome to contact us . Our Allman Industry Company can provide you the best lifting solutions :

1. Single girder overhead crane .

2. Double girder overhead crane .

3. Underhung crane .

4. Gantry crane

5. Jib crane 

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