Bridge Crane End Trucks

Bridge Crane End Trucks

bridge crane end trucks are important components installed at both ends of the main beam of bridge crane to support the bridge crane running overhead. Our ALLMAN company has strong capability to supply you Europe model top configuration bridge cranes and crane components such as end trucks , power festoon parts , rail conductors for power supply , wireless remote control etc.

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Product Details

bridge crane end trucks are important components installed at both ends of the main beam of bridge crane to support the bridge crane running overhead.

European style single beam bridge crane end truck specification :



Product photoes :

End trucks for top running bridge crane :

End trucks for underhung crane :

Connection method between end trucks and main beam : welded connection , This is the upper and lower cover of the end of the main beam which is overlapped on the end trucks, and the lower cover is fixed by welding. The web of the main beam and the web of the end truck are welded together by a web. The end trucks are divided into two sections or three sections, and connected by bolts (or angle steel) through bolts . Bridge crane end trucks are disassembled during transportation. Another form is a flange plate bolt connection.

Bridge Crane End Trucks Common Problems

1. The end truck is deformed in the horizontal section, causing the deflection during operation, causing the large wheel to collapse. In manufacturering , connection between the main beam and the end truck is mostly welded, and the welds connected to the main beam are more. When the bridge crane is installed and welded, the end beam will bend outward due to uneven force, which makes the horizontal deflection of end truck wheels exceed the error tolerance range, causing the railing phenomenon.

2. In the manufacture of end trucks, application of steel plates is often used to increase the rigidity of wheel mounting position. In some working environments where there is more dust, humidity or corrosive gas, there will be gaps between steel plates in the installation position of end truck wheel. If maintenance work is not in place, the time will cause corrosion between the splints. In this way, thickness of the steel plate at this position is continuously reduced, and end truck running is deflected . When it is serious, problem of rail is generated. 

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