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The crane mainly includes lifting mechanism, operating mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism and metal structure, etc. Lifting mechanism is the basic working mechanism of the crane, mostly composed of hanging system and winch, but also through the hydraulic system lifting heavy objects. The operating mechanism is used to move the weight vertically and horizontally or to adjust the working position of the crane. It is generally composed of motor, reducer, brake and wheel.
Cranes play a more and more important role in human life. There are many kinds of cranes, which can be used for lifting, loading and unloading, lifting and other functions. There are miniature cranes, large-tonnage cranes, intelligent cranes, etc., the emergence of these equipment effectively solve the project lifting, transportation and other problems.
Crane can be used in workshop, wharf, subway, port, offshore field, metallurgy, nuclear power and other working conditions. With the help of the crane, each project engineering heavy, bulky cargo hoisting problem is readily solved. Some small cranes are suitable for the special places where the lifting weight is small.
  • Crane Wireless Remote Control

    Crane Wireless Remote Control

    Crane Wireless Remote Control has reasonable structure, which is simple and efficient. It can be widely used in factories, mines, workshops, warehouses, ships, terminals, etc., especially in the small operation area. It can greatly shorten the handling time and improve work...Read More
  • Telecrane Remote Control

    Telecrane Remote Control

    Telecrane Remote Control( made in Taiwan ) Model :F21-E1B Low-end Economy Impact-resistant design Function:UP/ DOWN/EAST/WEST/NORTH/SOUTH +1 Stop +1 Start+1 Key , single speedRead More
  • Crane Remote Control

    Crane Remote Control

    Crane remote control , also called wireless remote control , which is original made in Taiwan , the most famous brand in crane and hoist lifting industry . There are several models for option , F21-2S , F21-2D , F21-4S , F21-4D , F21-E1B , F21-E1 , F24-6D , F24-8S , F24-8D...Read More
  • Double Girder Overhead Crane

    Double Girder Overhead Crane

    Our Double Girder Overhead Crane has the features of superior performance, compact structure, low headroom and high using rate of space. In addition, the design of the product has full considered the requirements of customers to increase the safety and easiness when operation.Read More
  • Single Girder Overhead Crane

    Single Girder Overhead Crane

    ​The advanced design enables our Single Girder Overhead Crane to have the lightweight structure and the remarkable performance, at the same time in the biggest degree reduces the hook the movement limit distance.Read More
  • Floor Mounted Jib Crane

    Floor Mounted Jib Crane

    Adopting the patented technology design arm root section and the humanized design, our Floor Mounted Jib Crane has the advantages of smooth passage, convenient and safe, convenient for the tower crane's installation and maintenance.Read More
  • Wall Mounted Jib Crane

    Wall Mounted Jib Crane

    Wall Mounted Jib Crane can be mounted on top of a high tower, which is mainly used for vertical and horizontal transportation of materials and installation of building components in building construction.Read More
  • Hand Push Gantry Crane

    Hand Push Gantry Crane

    Hand push gantry crane is a perfect lifting solution to work very flexibly and smoothly at any direction in workplace. Its cost is much less than an overhead crane system and are completely portable and mobile.Read More
  • Bridge Crane End Trucks

    Bridge Crane End Trucks

    bridge crane end trucks are important components installed at both ends of the main beam of bridge crane to support the bridge crane running overhead. Our ALLMAN company has strong capability to supply you Europe model top configuration bridge cranes and crane components such...Read More
  • Electric Overhead Crane

    Electric Overhead Crane

    Electric Overhead Crane is common used in production, engineering and many other workplaces, because it is suitable for almost any lifting application. Electric overhead crane is kind of obital running crane , including single girder overhead crane and double girder overhead...Read More
  • Free Standing Jib Crane

    Free Standing Jib Crane

    Free standing jib crane is a light lifting equipment made for modern production. It is especially suitable for short distance working space , frequent use and intensive lifting operation . Capacity from 250kg to 5000kg .Read More
  • Crane End Carriage

    Crane End Carriage

    Crane end carriage , which is traveling mechanism of a overhead crane . To match different models of overhead cranes , end carriages are divided into : single girder overhead crane end carriage , double girder overhead crane end carriage, suspension overhead crane end...Read More
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